Web-based learning management

Training from anywhere

KeyStone OnDemand is a web-based training platform that provides secured hosting on a global content network and includes monitoring, compliance, and support, allowing your users seamless access and consistent quality from anywhere in the world.

Our platform enables your learners the opportunity to log in and access their training from the office or from home, across the globe. The power and convenience of this training offers no excuse to your learners to leave a course incomplete.

Powerful results, right now

With our platform you can create intuitive, professional training quickly and easily, and rapidly deploy your program to your users.  You don’t even have to download any software!  Our web-based learning management tool allows you to create content, knowledge checks, courses, and even capture video - all within your browser.  A powerful result is that updating your course to keep current is just as fast and easy, providing your updates instantly so you never have to worry about version control or update status.

Web-based training platform with Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows your Active Directory users to automatically log in and take training securely without having to enter a password. SSO is based on Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

A Clear ROI

Measure a clear ROI with KeyStone OnDemand.  We like to say, “If you can track it, you should measure it.”  Track and measure learner engagement, course access and completion, and even content viewed, frequency of use, and other data to show the value of your training.   Users might be great at taking quizzes, but did they really view the content?  If not, you’ll still end up with user support cost down the road.  With KeyStone OnDemand, you can see if your users are actually viewing the content, and by measuring frequency of that access, you can show a clear ROI in the number of end-user support hours that you’ve saved.