Customized Online Training

Create Your Courses

Easily create custom courses with KeyStone OnDemand, an online platform that enables organizations to quickly create, deliver and track training. With KeyStone OnDemand, you can rapidly create a course within days for as low as $1 per user, per month. Give your employees or end-users the information they need, when they need it and help drive the adoption and retention of the technologies you are investing in.

You can upload videos and include content you already have for your eLearning, or you can create the content directly within our platform. You will be able to  easily create screencasts, articles, quizzes, exams and exercises in order to meet your unique requirements, and our course builder tool enables you to easily organize your course complete with an outline.  

Create your course within minutes for simple requirements, or create more formal training for your greater needs.  Start with quick how-to instructions for your product, address common day-to-day questions, or create content to address your policies and organizational processes. Let your creativity and education begin now.

Tracking and Reporting

From start to finish, our platform has you covered. Not only can you create eLearning solutions, but you can also track completion status and learner performance. Tracking learner progress by content completion in addition to test scores gives trainers the data they need to measure learner interaction and retention.  Report options include course reporting to view percent complete, incomplete, or not started, and portal reporting to view learner activity within the courses.  You can also include a Certificate of Completion for the learner to receive upon completion.

Real-Time Search Results

Your learners will be able to search for what they want, when they want using our real-time search tool. This search bar with a live drop-down menu, provides learners quick results to meet their immediate needs.

Follow-up with Automated Workflows

Create automated workflows for follow-up. You can schedule custom messages to be sent periodically to the learners of your choice, and you can choose to send to learners based on learner status or custom reports.

Assessment and Certification

Our Assessment and Certification Tool (ACT) enables customers to develop a full spectrum of customized evaluation instruments for their training programs. These evaluation instruments range from informal quizzes to formal certification exams that promote individualized learning paths, help evaluate user knowledge and skill levels, and support professional certification programs within a targeted user community or organization.

Formal certification exams can be easily created and customized with this new tool to ensure learners demonstrate the critical knowledge and skills to perform their role. Exam results can drive learner motivation by placing learners on a customized learning path that provides clear direction on how to enhance their own skills and knowledge base through the online training.

Once learners complete the course, they will be able to print off their own certificate of completion. This not only gives learners a sense of accomplishment, but also gives your courses credibility.