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Thursday Apr 18, 2013

Give your Training a Webinar or Video

You already know of our amazing screencast tool that enables you to create video tutorials within minutes, but what about that webinar or video you want to add to your course?

Well, it’s easy to add videos and webinars in KeyStone OnDemand.

1. Go to the homepage, and click on Add New. Then click Video/Webinar.

2. You now need to give your video/webinar a name and description. Then you can choose to either upload, record or embed your video/webinar.


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Tuesday May 10, 2011

Remember to customize your listed portal links

Across the top of your KeyStone OnDemand customized home page is a link to each user’s personal Quicklist. Next to the Quicklist is some free space that we’d like to invite you to take advantage of.

You see, that space is a placeholder for up to three custom web links. Call it the Admin’s Choice Area.

You can modify which links your users see from the Admin Dashboard by clicking the Settings tab and choosing General Settings.

In the area under Links, add your link text next to title and the full web address of the link (yep – including http://) in the URL field.

When you save the settings, users will see your newly added links in the Admin’s Choice Area near the top of the window.

This is a great area to direct users to upgrade pages, further support options, your company newsletter or any other information that would benefit your user base.

This is just one way KeyStone OnDemand puts the control back into the hands of our Admins.


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