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Monday Feb 27, 2012

Three reasons to get excited about Windows 8

By Robert Hodges

With the said release of Windows 8 Preview, Visual Studio 11 Beta on February 29, many are talking about Windows 8. Since I have read the developer preview guide, I came up with three reasons I am excited about Windows 8.

1. It is going to have a completely different feel and style that is great for tablets. Consumers and businesses alike are using tablets more and more for common tasks. Many employers are now adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies and enabling employees to bring their own devices into the work environment. Windows  8 caters to tablet users and considers how a finger swipe works vs. a mouse click. A new Start menu with Apps rather than icons and two options for touch keyboards are just some of the items that Windows 8 incorporates to enhance the tablet user’s experience.

2. Windows 8 for business-availability to connect anywhere. According to the Windows developer preview, professionals can provide users with bootable USB storage devices containing a copy of Windows 8. On this USB, they can save their business-specific tools, apps, data and settings. If the user uses the USB, he or she will be able to success those apps and settings on any computer that has capability to run Windows 8.

3. Security and management additions/options. In the preview, Windows 8 is said to have new capabilities through AppLocker that enable IT professionals the ability to create security boundaries/policies which specifically control who is allowed to see which applications. This is a powerful tool we use in our learning platform. By catering the content and apps to specific users, you not only secure your environment but also aid in productivity because your users have what they need, not more nor less.

Feel free to let us know any other features you are excited or concerned about adopting. As we prepare for our Windows 8 Training course, we’d like to hear what you would like us to incorporate.

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