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Thursday Jun 30, 2011

Why you might not be able to print a certificate

When a user completes a course, they see the option to print a course completion certificate from the course’s Browse page. But, often, they are met with a note stating:


The option to print a certificate stays in this state until a user reaches a 75% completion status combined between viewed lessons and correct quiz answers.

That’s the default for the site.

But, it can be changed with a quick call or email to us. The required % complete is a site-wide setting. This means, when changed, it will affect all of your courses. But, it’s easy for us to do. So, if you decide it needs to be changed for your company, just let us know.

We want to make sure the KeyStone OnDemand portal works for you and not against you.


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Thursday Jun 23, 2011

Driving adoption and retention of SaaS and Cloud software apps

The adoption of SaaS and Cloud software solutions can sometimes be more challenging and harder to swallow than traditional business and enterprise software implementations — and it’s a critical factor in long-term customer retention.

More importantly, from the software vendor’s perspective, in some cases it may take customers up to 12 months to fully understand and utilize new apps — making it ever more important to onboard new customers and provide ongoing adoption resources to build reference-able, long-term customer relationships — cause this is a service business after all.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Matt Childs from DreamSimplicity ( to provide a 30-minute webinar to sales, marketing and training executives from some of the leading SaaS vendors in the market on strategies they can apply to increase customer adoption and retention of their apps. 

For those that couldn’t attend the live event, we’ve made the following recorded webinar available where you’ll learn general tips, best practices and ideas around implementing effective customer adoption and retention strategies. 

You can also download the PPT from this presentation at


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Friday Jun 17, 2011

Create links between your KeyStone OnDemand articles

Each piece of content is assigned a unique ID when it’s first created. That ID is displayed in your browser’s Address Bar when you view it.

It’s that ID that you place in the Related Content field when you’re editing an article or video.

But, what many KeyStone OnDemand Admins don’t consider is adding links directly within the context of the article. This is the most logical place to point users to related content since it’s how they are used to navigating through information in the first place.

So, rather than adding all related files to the Related Articles and Video panel, instead make a copy of the entire address bar link and use the Link option to paste the content address.

This way, users aren’t forced to view the info panel and sort through related content. You can target related content directly inside your article. You may even be able to hide the info panel altogether.


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Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

Creating a quiz? Save some time just by using your ENTER key

When you’re editing a quiz inside your KeyStone OnDemand courses, having to use your mouse to add every question and every answer can really slow you down. When we’re building our quizzes, we find it much faster to keep our hands on the keyboard as much as possible.


Here’s a flow that we’ve found really works:

  1. Click inside the first Question box and type your first question.
  2. Once the question has been added, press Enter. This drops your cursor to the next Question field.
  3. Continue this way until all questions have been added.

Once your questions have been added, go back to the top of your list:

  1. Click inside the first answer field and type and answer.
  2. Press Enter to move to the next answer field.
  3. Continue this way until all answers for the 1st question have been added.

You’ll still need to pick up your mouse to move to each question’s set of answers. But to make up for it, you can mark any answer correct as you’re typing it by pressing TAB to move to the “Correct” field and pressing SPACE to enable the field.


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