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Wednesday Apr 27, 2011

NEW FEATURE! Embed 3rd-party videos in KOD

We’re pretty excited about this feature and hope that our users will be, too. Now users can embed video from 3rd-party websites like Vimeo or YouTube into KeyStone OnDemand. Eventually, these could be part of a course. This is the first of several 3rd-party integrations (docs, interactions, surveys, etc) planned in the future. Ideas welcome.

For example, here’s one of our videos on YouTube:

Than in KOD, there is now an “embed” option where you can copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it into KeyStone OnDemand:

Once added, the 3rd-party video will play in KeyStone OnDemand like any other video; however, it’s actually playing through the 3rd-party site:


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Monday Apr 25, 2011

Build Your Own Certification Path

We’re seeing a trend that we wanted to share with our readers. Increasingly, agile software companies are looking for ways to build and maintain expert communities from their user base.

This is where the trend comes in. Have you considered using KeyStone OnDemand to create a certification path for your most passionate users?


All you need to do is build upon your (hopefully) pre-existing custom web-based training, add some structure and some quizzes and you’ve got a certification path. This lends to both your users and your app some much appreciated credibility.

After all, it’s all about bragging rights, isn’t it?


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Thursday Apr 21, 2011

Need a wider area for your content? Try hiding the Info Panel

To the right of most articles viewed within KeyStone OnDemand, you’ll see an information panel. This panel shows things like related solutions, categories and includes a user feedback widget showing which users felt a particular article was useful.

While this panel is designed to complement the associated article, in some cases, it isn’t necessary and, in fact, can take up valuable screen real estate.

If you have an article or video that would better be displayed across a wider screen, you can hide the Info panel just by editing the article and disabling the option next to “Show Info Panel.”

That should free up some space for your wider KeyStone OnDemand content.


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