About Us

Our Story

We've been doing custom desktop and Web App training for over 15 years. And, we think we do it very well.

We've created hundreds of software training courses with some of the best software trainers in the business. But, getting their knowledge into an intuitive, video-based course format was a long process.

We needed a way to streamline it. We were spending lots of money with multiple offline steps, expensive desktop software tools, large file transfers and media conversion, not to mention escalating resource costs.

The software training process, like many workflows, is tedious. It's not the effort of just one person. Creating and delivering high-quality training takes a village — seriously.

The problem is that with so many hands and steps impacting each course, we were losing time — precious time-to-market and time-critical training needed by our customers.

We wanted, no, needed, something that gave the power back to our content and course authors. Our trainers and instructional designers needed a solution that worked from start to finish, removing their need to rely on secondary, offline software, offline processes and remote team members.

We searched and searched to find a better way to deliver our end-user software training to our customers faster. We checked every third-party solution that showed up in our search results. We checked out open source tools, too. Everything we saw would have helped in one or two areas, but we couldn't find anything that would give us what we needed.

Were we really the only ones looking to do software training differently? A lot of vendors promoted their adaptability and “just-in-time” training options. But they all seemed to miss the mark or offered bloated features we didn't really want or need.

So, we decided to create our own software training development and delivery tool.

We built the tool we needed and now we're sharing it with you. You see, we went to our instructors and to some of our Fortune 5000 customers and asked for their Wish Lists. And, boy did they deliver the ideas!

Our instructors and content authors needed:

Fast upload of recorded screencast videos, preferably all within the same system

  • Ability to link related course topics
  • Quizzes that offered immediate feedback to users
  • One, singular place to store the course outline, written notes, course videos, practice exercises and quizzes
  • Option to change any content without having to go through separate production personnel

Our customers wanted:

  • Ability to create their own, customized content
  • Robust training reports, highlighting such things as how many people were exposed to specific materials
  • To create their own courses, complete with some of our material and some of theirs
  • The option to edit our off-the-shelf courses or use an existing course as a template
  • Their users to be able to access customized training content from anywhere in the world without taking up precious space on their laptop hard drives

Why can't training and on-demand self-help be in the same platform? Learning isn't a one-time event, it's a continual process. A training platform should allow users to learn everything from A to Z using a course, or to find that video tutorial or article quickly when you're in the middle of a task and need a little help. We needed it, couldn't find it, so we built it!

And there you have it — KeyStone OnDemand!